Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A fairy tale and a haiku

We've been tiptoeing into the realm of fairy tales as Rowan grows and develops a love for story. This particular Hansel and Gretel (a reprinting of a 1916 edition by Margaret Evans Price) is less scary and more sweetly illustrated than most--it's written in verse to boot. Who doesn't love the idea of a gingerbread house, even if there is a witch inside? I have long loved fairy tales, but it's been a while since I've found myself wandering through them. Children are the perfect means to reacquaint us with the classics. Plus, entering into that eerie, beautiful world with them and their fresh, unhindered minds is an incredible experience. Wonderland indeed.

On a long and unrelated note, I've been thinking quite a bit about blogging lately. I've tried it before and found it tedious and, frankly, weird. Curiously informal while maintaining a blurry notion of audience. The desire to be read and the desire to remain anonymous. I think for me, this time, blogging becomes an exercise in confidence. Am I the writer that I've wanted to be? Am I willing to keep updating (keep writing) with regularity? Do I have something to share that is really worth sharing? Because of my renewed interest, I've been blog-surfing, and (eek!), there's a lot of stuff out in the world of blogs: bizarre, mundane, mocking, acidic, frivolous, extreme, blatant. I hope not to fall into any of those categories. (How very middle-school of me.) How, then, do I imagine this blog so as to make it into something worthy? Worthy to whom? Worthy of what? Is this a craft blog or a journal or a writing outlet? Are these questions even important?

I think so. I admit that I'm not writing only for myself. I would like to have an "audience"--community is more like it. I've visited a few blogs for a couple of years now, and I enjoy the sense of commonality via their writings, photos, links, etc. I'm not blogging out of loneliness or self-expression really though I do want to fine-tune my writing. And become more practiced. I would like to inspire and be inspired, to share in life with people as our big planet begins to feel like the small world it is. (I really have bumped into people I know from home while traveling on the other side of the planet. Lots of us have.) The online community is something I shirked for a long time, but lately I'm feeling more interested and willing. We'll just see how things turn out.

A little haiku to wrap things up.

Driftwood floats upon
the sea, bobbing with each wave.
The sun rises and sets.

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